Sunday, November 22, 2009

In the beginning.

I'm excited about this. Of course now "this", to me, has the feeling of journal. But I have always loved journals. I suppose this journal will take a different direction. No more writing about confusion and happiness and all that goes with that. Now I intended to write about the two things I love the most (and I just happened to be around it everyday for hours.) It's what I read about before going to bed. What I dream about. Always the best dreams too! It's what I somehow came to cherish the most. It makes me smile inside. A lot. Now I will be writing about food. Of course. Why not!?! Great idea. But writing about food to me means there will be a lot eating, drinking and of couse cooking. I'm okay with that.
I guess a little background. Not my name, age, and where I am from and all that. ( Cora, 22, Brazil but I currently live in the north burbs of Atlanta.) More like what and how I became who I am today. Keeping it very short. I was a very shy kid who was thrown in the restaurant business at the very young age of 14. A breakfast joint. Didn't think much of it at the time. But I kept going of course and because restaurants are all I knew and the money was great. By the time I was eighteen I began working at an absolutely tasty and yet cool little Mexican restaurant.And later at a beautiful French restaurant by the same owners. That's really the beginning. The French place. Wine tasting and menu talking everyday. And because I am always so serious about work, I listened. Being very naive I asked questions. And I ate. And drank. Yes, at age nineteen. Of course I read. And did a little cooking. Then I moved and lost complete access to anything remotely closed to a real kitchen. Having 12 roommates didn't help food storage either. But I still ate. Alone. But always my favorite part of the day. Then I moved back, went back into everything and long story short years later I'm still working in a restaurant. Italian now. Still reading. Still cooking and still thinking about food, a lot. But now I hope to add a little something to my repertoire. Baking, building my own kitchen, and writing about it all.
I do think a lot of myself is going to come out into this. This is going to be a ride. Right now there are no real goals and direction, but only an experiment. Many experiments. I know I will enjoy this and hopefully it will be my motivation to keep learning and eating. I am certain of a few things. There will be a lot of messes to clean up, a few pounds that I don't need to gain, probably a lot of money spent, and a lot of precious good times. Sounding good, except the extra pound or five...

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