Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A little information for myself.

It's been a while. I've been extremely busy with the Holidays.Too busy. Busier than I thought I had to be. Baking cookies can really be a task. Especially when you can't make up your mind on which ones to bake and insist on test baking. I had intentions on writing a holiday cookie marathon post, but during cleanup at around 1:40 A.M., I tripped over the oven rack, that tripped over the laptop cord, which pulled my laptop straight to the wooden floor. Needless to say,due to the fact that the same laptop was dropped once before from the top of a moving car, it no longer turns on. I have my entire life on that thing, and it's not backed. My excuse for not bringing it to the shop has been the fact that the Apple store is way too busy during the holidays(yes, true.)But really I'm just scared that they will tell me I've lost everything(again.) So I have had no internet time, and no blog time either. I'm starting to miss it, obviously. However, everything is saved on my laptop and I have no idea where to start on any other.
Due to no internet, I've read every cooking magazine this month from front cover to back cover, more than twice. Davis cooked Christmas dinner from Bon Appetit, and now he is obsessed with cooking. Let's hope this lasts. Because of my cookie marathon, I had no time to cook anything for Christmas dinner with my family. I did however, bake a Coconut cake for Davis' family which was a success even if I messed up on the recipe due to the stress on an unprepared kitchen. Now I have to go figure out dinner. To dine in or dine out,my life's biggest question.

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