Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh boy.

I've been working on the aesthetics of this blog. It's no where near where I'd like it to be, but at least I've done something towards it. I'm hoping it will come together in the near future. I really do wonder why I care, but oh well. I think I'm simply envious of the gorgeous blogs I read daily. There really are some beautiful people out there doing beautiful things. It's good feeling knowing that.
     Ever since I found out about the discontinuation of the one and only Gourmet magazine a little piece of me has been gone. I have spent hours of my life reading the beautifully written articles. I would seat and admire the photos always screaming out "Oh my" or "baby look!" It really does break my heart that I have no more Gourmet to look forward to. But I have been looking for a replacement. Of course I read all the most known publications out there, but I wanted something new. Yesterday, when I stopped at B&N to pick up some magazines, I grabbed a copy of Fine Cooking. I flipped through the pages real quick and left. Later that night, I went through the magazine and was very happy with the diversity of it. There are so many wonderful recipes, like pork tamales with double chile sauce. A great article on the difference between baking powder and baking soda. And my favorite, a section on new cookbooks and what they are all about.
Speaking of new cookbooks, I'm waiting on Ruth Roger's Grey Italian Cookbook and also The Zuni Cookbook. UPS seems very busy right now and the delivery time has gone from around 2 p.m to around 7p.m. No bueno. I'm inpatient when it comes to these things. I'm also very busy and have to head to work. Now. And find an Ashley Farms whole chicken. By Saturday! I might have to give Star Provisions a call.

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